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Reject the dream to wake upon beyond the rise and prosper
Despite the end of lights this filth has shown as seldom hostile

Behold my eyes will soar unseen the childs whos needs will follow
Unfold my rights applied by them who hold my judge this knife my halo

Deceptive consistency braced by us
Demons that lurks here within
The state we established will prosper them
Face them by sealing this lid
Deceptive consistency braced by those
Demons that lurks here within
The state i established will prosper us
Face me by sealing this lid

Never seen

Behold my eyes
Will soar unseen
Behold my eyes
That lurks within
Unfold my rights
A faceless dream
Unfold my rights
I’ve never seen

They called it slaughter, the slaughtering I think… I don’t remember…
It’s something you don’t talk about; I never talk about it with anyone.
It was a very scary operation, I remember. Very scary. I remember that it was, that I was in the hospital, I think I was there over a week, at that time. Or if it was 14 days or something…

Did you ever get to read anything, they wrote many medical records and stuff?
Never, I’ve never read anything, I’ve never read any records. Never. Never ever.
What you’re reading now is what the headmistress said right?
Yes, she describes shortly a sickness or disturbance. Late development, doesn’t speak clearly when she starts school… can’t possibly get along with her class mates. Is a chronic care case. I must laugh, it must be a sick person writing this.
She has an antisocial (…) … oh god. Whimsical. Foolish… chronic care case. I was surely a chronic care case. Will carry on her mental deficiency to her offspring… a doctor has signed… it’s not over.

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