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I’ Bck Sleeing, Or Fucking, Or Soething текст песни

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«im back, formosa»
Your gardens and bridges green
with shit came running… i’m back.

you think that i’ll remember you?
well things all considered, i do.
i dreamt about that house last night.
you know the black lady told me not to make her black sons jealous.
What did I have? Guns and firetrucks…
I wonder if you remember me,
I had long blonde hair, and a stormy smile.
In fact I remember a photograph of me and you.

«im back sheridan»
Your yellow, red, white, and blue.
Firemen came running.

What went on in those cells?
I can think of exact floorboards that would come up
I can tell you what went on, you interject.

You were visiting a house thats been sealed for a 1000 years.
Little crayon scribbles, a white truck on a string.
You were standing there with your plaid and your favorite things.
But now your sleeping or fucking or something.

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